PIVX Wallet v3.1.0.2 Mandatory Update

At the beginning of January, we announced our 2018 roadmap which can be found here. After hours of coding & testing, and an uncountable amount of energy drinks and coffee, we are pleased to announce that v3.1.0.2 is LIVE!

Push the button – we know you want to! 

PIVX Core Wallet v3.1.0.2 is a mandatory update for all users as it contains improvements and rules that will not be compatible with previous versions.

Update deadline 
May 8th, 2018 12:00:00 AM GMT.


If you are not able to update to PIVX Core Wallet v3.1.0.2 before the deadline, your wallet will require a full resync of the blockchain.

With the v3.1.0.2 update, and additional features that have been added, there are a few housekeeping rules we’d like to request from our community:

1. Any zPIV minted with core wallet 3.0.6 and below will not be qualified for zPIV staking, and will not be able to be backed up with the deterministic seed. Any zPIV in circulation will need to be converted to PIV when zPIV is reactivated on May 8th, and remint to zPIV using the new wallet (v3.1.0.2), to ensure you can receive all new benefits.

2. Prior to updating your wallet to v3.1.0.2 we encourage all users to:

  1. Create a wallet.dat backup before the upgrade.
  2. For backup support, please follow instructions for your OS here.
  3. Close Wallet
  4. Download and upgrade to the new v3.1.0.2 wallet at your earliest convenience.

3. As this is a mandatory update, any wallets and masternodes that have not upgraded to v3.1.0.2 by the deadline will not be compatible with the new zPoS network. This means that all of your transactions and rewards will not be applicable on the main network.



This is just a small sampling of the features and amount of work that went into compiling this Core Wallet release. Please see our full release notes for more information.

zPIV Staking (zPoS).

With the release of zPIV staking, there are effectively 2 versions of zPIV, zPIV minted on the 3.0.6 PIVX wallet or lower, and zPIV minted on PIVX wallet version or higher. New features in this release will require the use of zPIV v2, zPIV minted on this wallet release or later.

If you currently hold zPIV v1 and wish to take advantage of zPIV staking and deterministic zPIV, you will need to spend the zPIV v1 to yourself and remint zPIV v2 (after zPIV is reactivated on May 8th.)

In order to take advantage of zPIV staking, you must mint new zPIV v2 and wait for at least 200 confirmations before that zPIV is considered valid for staking. For

More information about zPoS please click here

NOTE: zPoS relies on zPIV coming out of maintenance mode, which has no set date/time/block height. It will be a matter of network stability that determines the exact moment when zPIV comes out of maintenance mode – When roughly 70% of users are on the new version.

Staking Reward Distribution

To encourage active use of the new zPoS system, stakers that utilize zPIV will be rewarded with a 50% higher share of the block reward. The block reward will be split as follows:

PIV Staking: PIV staker finds block: 3 PIV to masternodes, 2 PIV to staker, 1 PIV budget

zPIV Staking (zPoS) zPIV staker finds block: 2 PIV to masternodes, 3 zPIV to staker, 1 PIV budget

Deterministic zPIV Seed Keys

zPIV is now associated with a deterministic seed key. With this seed key, users are able to securely backup their zPIV outside of the wallet that the zPIV had been minted on. zPIV can also be transferred from wallet to wallet without the need of transferring the wallet data file.

***For more information about Deterministic zPIV and how to activate it – please see Presstab’s reddit post here. 

Updated zPIV Minting

zPIV minting now only requires 1 further mint (down from 2) to mature. zPIV mints still require 20 confirmations. Mints also require that the ‘second’ mint is at least two checkpoints deep in the chain (this was already the case, but the logic was not as precise).

zPIV Search

 Users will now have the ability to search the blockchain for a specific serial # to see if a zPIV denomination has been spent or not.

Wallet GUI Overhaul

The visual layout of the PIVX Qt wallet has undergone a near-complete overhaul. A new ‘vertical tab’ layout is now being used instead of the prior ‘horizontal tab’ layout, as well as a completely new icon set. The overview tab has been simplified greatly to display only balances that are active or relevant, zero-balance line items are hidden by default to avoid clutter.

Return change to sender when minting zPIV

Previously, zPIV minting would send any change to a newly generated “change address”. This has caused confusion among some users, and in some cases insufficient backups of the wallet. The wallet will now find the contributing address which contained the most PIV and return the change from a zPIV mint to that address.

Disable Automint Function / Set Amount

Enable and disable the auto zPIV minting feature. This is enabled by default and the enablezeromint=0 setting in the pivx.conf file will overwrite the GUI option. The percentage of autominted zPIV can now be set from 1 to 100, changed from 10 – 100.

External Storage Backup

The PIVX wallet can now have user selected directories for automatic backups of the wallet data file (wallet.dat).  Please visit our full release notes for detailed setup instructions. Tutorial coming soon. 

Minor Enhancements

  • Enforced v1 zPIV spends to require a security level of 100
  • Updates to zPIV spends to avoid segfaults
  • Updates to configuration will now reflect on the privacy tab
  • Fixed a bug that would not start masternodes from the PIVX-Qt masternodes tab
  • Updated PIVX-Qt tooltips
  • Icon added to the wallet GUI to reflect the status of autominting (active / inactive)
  • Updated errors causing the blockchain to corrupt when experiencing unexpected wallet shutdowns
  • Updated RPC help outputs & removed the deprecated obfuscation.
  • Refactored code
  • Various bug fixes
  • Updated documentation

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