One of the great things about PIVX being community-centric is people come to our Discord and we get to know them and them, us!  Then the skills and passions come out and we find ways to plug them in.  We had a couple new PIVIans join us and take up the challenge to bring back our TipBot and something wonderful happened… We got it… plus more!!  Big shout outs to @Furniture for kicking it off and for @JSKitty for pouring the gas on it all!!  

Read more about this initiative and about JSKitty!



Essential Wallet Commands

!tip bal
Displays your available, unconfirmed and locked balances, also displays your deposit address.

!tip [@username] [amount] [reason for tip if you like]
Tips another Discord user from your discord balance, cannot tip locked coins inside Masternodes.

!tip private [@username] [amount] [reason for tip if you like]
Privately tips another Discord user from your discord balance, the tip command is deleted and both users are DM’d with info.

!tip withdraw [recieve address] [amount] or !tip withdraw [recieve address + QR Code] [amount]
Withdraws coins to a specified address, cannot withdraw locked coins inside Masternodes

!donate [amount] [reason for tip if you like]
Donates a specified amount of coins to the lovely developer of the bot.

You can now send and receive PIVX using the twitter medium. using the #sendpiv hashtag allows you to send and tip PIV to anyone on twitter who has joined the PIVX discord and synced their username to their twitter account. For now, PIV sends are enabled. Soon, zPIV tips will be active.


!link [@twitter-username]
Links your Discord account to your Twitter account, this allows you to send/receive coins via Twitter hashtag tips.

Twitter only Commands

If replying to a comment/tweet, make sure twitter says ‘Replying to [your-tip-receiver-here] and not more than one user. You can de-select users via the tweet menu.

After this, type the following:
#sendpiv [amount]
Tips a Twitter user through a reply. If sending a tweet directly without replying to someone elses tweet/comment, please make sure to only mention a single user, and type the following:

[@twitter-user] #sendpiv [amount]
Tips a Twitter user through a standalone tweet. @PIVXBot will like and reply to your tweets if you executed the command correctly.

Proposal and Budget Commands

!proposal [name]
Searches for a proposal based on its name.

!proposal latest
Searches for the latest proposal based on it’s ‘BlockStart’.

!proposal create [name] [months] [amount-per-month]
Creates a proposal and submits it to the network. (Experimental)

!proposal vote [proposal-hash] [yes/no] [mn-alias]
Submits a proposal vote via a bot-hosted MN’s alias.

PIVX now has a decentralized radio channel (#radio, and voice channel #PIVX RADIO), that allows a DJ to stream audio from any youtube link. We’re currently adding more features daily, and will soon have a set DJ roster showcasing their own musical tastes, all bringing their own styles (and information) live on the air.

Music Commands

!play [song-name-or-url]
Streams a song from YouTube to the Discord Voice Channel you’re inside.

Requests the bot to leave all other channels and come to yours.

Requests the bot to leave your channel and stop playing music.

Shows MOON!

Utility Commands

Displays the blocks (blockchain length) within the blockchain.

Displays the total Masternodes on the network.

Displays information about a transaction in the blockchain. Any transaction can be traced. (Do not confuse transaction-id’s with block-id’s)

Displays the bot’s own balance.

Displays the bot’s funding and billing status.

Displays performance and hardware stats for the bot’s backend server.

Displays Zerocoin CLI stats.

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