New Wallet UI Binaries for 4.0 TESTING Are Available Now!

Thank you for joining us in this new adventure!

v4.0 Testnet Wallet Downloads

You can run this testnet wallet without affecting your existing mainnet PIVX wallet. You can run both wallets at the same time. Saying that, better to ALWAYS be safe and backup your wallet.dat before starting any new wallet!

These binaries ONLY work for testnet, and are not intended to replace any current release version of the wallet (download/extract them to a separate location).

If you encounter any reproducible issue with the wallet that our developers should be aware of, feel free to contact them in any of the following ways:

  1. Join Discord and use the #new-wallet-bugs-and-feature-requests or #development channel.
  2. Open a GitHub issue in the PIVX GitHub repository.
  3. Report the issue to PIVX core developer, Furszy’s email -> [email protected]


To acquire tPIV for testing follow the instructions on our PIVX Faucet page.

If you wish to verify the authenticity of the files that you are downloading from Official PIVX developers, follow the instructions below for macOS (windows and Linux flow is pretty similar with minor visual modifications)

This is not required but recommended when downloading any application files in general. Consider this a Public Service Announcement. šŸ™‚

  • Download theĀ gpgĀ verification tool.
  • Look for Furszy’s key in our key server using his fingerprint from the PIVX repo.
  • [email protected] public key will be retrieved and added to your local keychain.
  • Both files, the executable and the signature are located in the same folder. Right-click then click on services and then “verify file”.

You can then see the files have been signed with Furszy’s key.