Cost Effective

Transactions fees are fractions of a penny. Currently, the average fee to send a $25 Bitcoin transaction is 15~ cents. With PIVX the same transaction would cost way under $0.01 in fees.


Performing a 51% attack on PIVX, a Proof-of-Stake network, is next to impossible. Your funds are safe.


Masternodes ————– 8.9%
PIV Staking ————– 4.7%
zPIV Staking ————- 5.3%
The above earnings are estimated, based on the difficulty and distribution of the entire network and will vary.


With our adaptation of the Zerocoin Protocol, we provide full transactional privacy. Send someone a zPIV – it will show as a PIV without any history.


We are at the forefront of cryptocurrency innovation and privacy, constantly improving to ensure we remain the industry leaders.


PIVX is eco-friendly. It’s our estimate that the energy needed to run our entire network can be provided by a single wind turbine.


We have a built-in monthly treasury available for disbursement as funds are available, to anyone with a passed proposal.


The heart of PIVX is our community. We spend a great amount of time supporting, equipping, and inspiring all, helping each PIVian bring their best to the table.


We are a globally distributed network with no central ruling company. No headquarters, CEOs, or CFOs.


PIVX has a blockchain-based governance system whereby any community member can submit a proposal, and those operating masternodes vote on it.


Sub-second transactions and the fastest anonymous transactions in the industry.


Download PIVX Wallet - v3.4.0

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