Tell us who you are.

My name is Lovedalius (aka CryptoPharaoh). I am 23 years old and I live in East London, South Africa. I am a mosaic-portrait artist and my hobbies include walking on the beach in the evenings, ten-pin bowling and traveling. Occasionally, I find fun in making music and playing video games. Since a young age (as far as I can remember) I have always had an ideology about authority figures and the past to present world system. Ever since the inception/the coming to my attention of cryptocurrency – I have been infatuated with digital currencies and their mantras of decentralization.

When did you first get into cryptocurrencies and why?  

 I first heard of PIVX mid-2017 and got involved shortly thereafter. After having been involved with cryptocurrency since 2015 when a friend had introduced me to bitcoin, the same friend led me to discover PIVX. Apart from the enthusiasm he had when speaking about PIVX, I was really interested to be a part of PIVX once I had joined the slack and encountered such a welcoming, positive and goal driven community. Unlike anything else I would generally come across on the internet- I was ‘sold’ on joining the community. Further, then the community, I really appreciated and believed in what the coin stood for  – Privacy. PIVX is my favorite privacy coin and privacy is an essential necessity I believe was put aside by the bureaucratic system for its own gain rather than the peoples.

Who is your inspiration when it comes to Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies?

My crypto inspiration is undoubtedly Jeffrey. A core member of the PIVX community and also a lifelong friend to me. We grew up in a place where the culture is to listen to those that came before you (elderly folk) without questioning. Perhaps needless to say that the cryptocurrency wave has to take a while to properly sweep our demographic. However, that has never stopped Jeffrey, even since the beginning. Always having been technologically gifted I can vividly recall accompanying Jeffrey to go repair peoples computers for all their I.T problems. It would be moments like these where Jeffrey would always strike up a conversation and never hesitate to make it an opportunity to bring up the future of currency: Bitcoin. Much of the time we would leave clients baffled, clueless and forgetful of the depth of the conversation we’d had.

However, in the more recent months (with the widespread/mainstream conversation of bitcoin & cryptocurrency reaching our demographics) Jeffrey has become a somewhat sort of crypto-celebrity in our city. We often get stopped on our day to days in public (mostly the grocery store) where former clients/school teachers commonly ask: “How is the Bitcoin going Jeffrey?”

It has always been inspiring to see Jeffreys vision, determination, and consistency for the cryptocurrency. I am forever thankful for his inquisitive and for all the assistance and positivity he has given to people around the world.

Do you think the blockchain provides a more superior financial platform then today’s fiat systems?

Certainly. I think this question depends on what perspective you look at it from. But I certainly do. The opportunities the blockchain system provide are evidently more advanced than the ways of the past. Blockchain technologies are still relatively new and will be modified to reach their unbelievable potential in years to come. The purpose of blockchain and decentralization is a system for the sole benefit of the people (as a whole) and not just the few powers that be. PIVX is an example of that with their Community Designed Governance system in place.

If we could make it this far as a society with a world system based on greed. The next few decades alone should certainly be exciting with all the opportunities cryptocurrencies shall bring to light. Paperless currency, Community Designed governance, Hi-tech (wasteless) cryptocities of forwarding thinking individuals, a completely Utopian society. What a time to be alive.

What do you do for PIVX?

I began making my mark for PIVX in the third quarter of 2017 when I translated the website into IsiXhosa (my mother tongue, an official South African language). Following that translation, I have worked with the translation team and Hanna (oh Captain!) to provide many more translations monthly ever since (Shout to Hanna and all the translators). I have also participated in the making of PIVX ambassador videos along with Jeffrey and Maeboo, which soon came to form a team we call the PIVX South Africa ambassadors. My latest footprint with the community has been taking on the opportunity of assisting where I can within the support channel.

Tell us a little bit more about being a South African PIVX ambassador.

Well, Jeffrey, Maeboo and I were the first PIVians within our geographical cryptocurrency enthusiast communities. Shortly after regularly promoting PIVX online and within our local spheres we managed to host a PIVX meet up in Cape Town, where we managed to attract crypto enthusiasts from different parts of the country. This was an enjoyable and fruitful occasion and should perhaps be organized once again. I guess the term: PIVX South Africa Ambassador terminology came naturally since PIVX has somehow become a lifestyle for me and my team.

Upon doing videos for PIVX I had also made a song about the cryptocurrency. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will have more Purple Tunes coming to the airwaves soon enough(so stay tuned).

What are the top 3 things you wish you could buy using Cryptocurrencies?

Globally I already know of places where one can purchase just about anything and live on the purchases of cryptocurrency only. However, living in South Africa cryptocurrencies are yet to be accepted as widely by merchants. I wish I could purchase groceries, a vehicle and some other assets with the payment of cryptocurrency locally.

Will a business that accepts Bitcoin/PIVX or other cryptos gain new customers/attention?

Certainly. The fact that Cryptocurrencies are still relatively new- it should naturally trigger intrigue to a customer as to why that particular currency is accepted as a form of payment additional to the already existent (fiat) currency. If anything I believe cryptocurrencies been accepted by merchants as a form of payment is a good way of spreading cryptocurrency awareness. Someone who loyally purchases at a store but knows not of cryptocurrency should be swayed into cryptocurrency easier because of his loyalty to the store.

PIVX on the rise yeah
PIVX changing lives
PIVX on the rise yeah
PIVX it’s our time
PIVX on the rise yeah
PIVX changing lives
PIVX on the rise yeah

[Rap verse]

Double block validation
Witha 1 minute confirmation
PIVX is my station
Look around, you can tell we’re the safe haven
Kids outside busy playing
While my Coins online busy staking
Really came from the bottom though
Price up and now I’m getting paid from my masternode
Community Designed Governance, CDG
Voting power masternodes to Community
It’s protocol, evident transparently
. .Full time zerocoin for your privacy
With This In Place We Can Increase
And Fungibility Of P.I.V.X stability
The best cryptocurrency for finance,
Thumbs up PIVX, now on binance! (Ooh)

PIVX on the rise yeah
PIVX changing lives
PIVX on the rise yeah
PIVX it’s our time
PIVX on the rise yeah
PIVX changing lives
PIVX on the rise yeah

yeah I’m back for another one
Won’t stop til PIVX is number 1!
Won’t be long
Call it early retirement
That’s the plan
Power t’PIVX- no government
No need for central banks either
Trusting PIVX like my traditional healer
Spend some PIV on cocoa down in Cancun
Or zpPIV at Trophy Pies Afric de Süd
Yep, PIVX already spreading globally
If you’re in Japan you can hit up Ms Yuri
Ride the wave like Tarnea O’meara
Repping the team all the way in Australia
Football fans, follow our polish soccer team
Moving quicker than a super ultra light beam
So much growth in 1 year man it’s insane
Mobile wallets up go and share some purple reign

PIVX on the rise yeah
PIVX changing lives
PIVX on the rise yeah
PIVX it’s our time
PIVX on the rise yeah
PIVX changing lives
PIVX on the rise yeah

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