Myth: There is no need for more privacy-focused coins

PIVX has many good aspects that make it competitive with other privacy-focused coins:

1. It is the only Proof-of-Stake coin with Zerocoin protocol.
2. Excellent transaction speed, fees, capacity, and privacy with Zerocoin and TOR nodes network option.
3. Staking/masternode See-Saw Rewards Mechanism: adjusts block rewards so as to incentivize optimal number of stakers and optimal number of masternode owners.
4. Relatively quite lower staking/masternode rewards compared to most other coins: protects non-stakers and non-masternode owners from excessive inflation.
5. Anyone can stake regardless of how much PIV they own, and they will earn similar rewards per PIV staked as any other stakers and Masternode owners.
6. Upcoming Community Designed Governance: unanimously approved by Masternode owners to reduce their own voting power and share it with the PIVX community.
7. Upcoming features to facilitate mass adoption: Elastic Block Sizes, multi-sig escrow system with tab/menu access, and merchant PoS system.
8. Upcoming privacy and security features: U2F integration (hardware dongle protection of wallet), I2P nodes, and wallet-integrated encrypted chat system.