Myth: Staking/masternoding doesn’t pay well

Many coins have higher block rewards than PIVX, but ultimately, all block rewards are a transfer of wealth from coin holders who don’t earn block rewards to the coin stakers, miners, and/or masternode owners, who do earn the block rewards, with the block rewards serving as payment to people who contribute to the network by processing transactions and securing the network. Any staking and masternode reward must be minted and added to the coin supply, causing inflation and loss of buying power per coin.

For a coin to have a secure and robust network, block rewards cannot be too low that stakers and masternoders are not adequately incentivized. For a coin to be suitable for mass adoption, block rewards cannot be too high that coin holders will be excessively punished, whether because they own the coins for trading, long-term investment, or spending.

PIVX achieves a good balance, with over 60% of PIVX coins staked or locked in masternodes, and coin holders only suffer a small rate of inflation that continuously decreases as the coin supply increases, since only a fixed amount of 2.34-2.6 million PIV can be minted a year.