Myth: PIVX won’t become widely accepted

PIVX has grown significantly in its relatively short life, and although it is not currently one of the largest coins, PIVX has many technical features that make it well-suited for mainstream adoption, such as very low or zero transaction fees, transaction confirmation times within a few seconds when using Swiftx, and 30-120 seconds for zero fee transactions, 50-60 transactions per second capacity with upcoming Elastic Block Sizes that would make this a non-issue, mobile and desktop wallets, and excellent privacy with Zerocoin protocol. PIVX is constantly being developed with mainstream adoption in mind: The PIVX website has been translated into 17 different languages over a 5 month period, an Android mobile wallet was released in Q3 2017 and iOS mobile wallet will be released in Q4 2017, and Merchant Point-of-Sale software has been funded and is being developed.