Myth: Only criminals need private transactions

PIVX offers users the option to use Zerocoin for privacy or opt out of using Zerocoin whenever privacy is not desired. Private transactions may be used by some people for illicit activities, but there are many valid reasons why people not engaged in illicit activities would want to have private transactions. The following can no longer happen with private transactions: 1. People looking up your recipient/sender address to see its balance and transaction history. 2. Yourself becoming a suspect by receiving coins known or suspected of criminal history, and such coins could be seized or “de-listed” from exchanges. 3. Blockchain analysis tools being used by criminals, hategroups, governments, and companies, to find specific people or to discover information, i.e. those worth robbing, those who donate to Wikileaks, those who frequent gay bars, the transactional history of a company, or the purchase history of a customer to sell his information, advertise, or offer/deny services.