Myth: Masternodes have a significant advantage over non-masternode owners and centralize power

PIVX masternode owners do not have a significant advantage over non-masternode owners. PIVX is designed so that any amount of PIV can be staked, and there is not significant difference between staking and masternode rewards. Masternode owners are currently the only ones who can vote on PIVX improvement proposals, but the masternode owners have unanimously voted to reduce their own voting power and to share voting power with the PIVX community.

Regarding centralization and abuse of power, only people who centralize a large percentage of the PIVX coin supply could successfully harm PIVX through their centralization, namely by passing harmful proposals or preventing positive proposals from passing. But since any such abuse would destroy the value of PIVX, these people are the ones who will lose the most from any such foul play, and will gain the most by properly using their voting powers.