How do I obtain PIV?

You can obtain PIV through a number of different ways.


Once you have BTC (or any other Crypto-currency or token) you can exchange these coins for PIVX coins on a PIVX support exchange.

The full list of PIVX supported exchanges can be found here.

Community Participation

Come and join our social sites and community slack. By being active / contributing to discussions, community members have been known to tip to show their appreciation.

Staking or Masternodes

Once you have PIVX coins in your PIVX thick wallet (PC wallet) you can unlock your wallet for staking. On average stacking rewards roughly 5% per annum on your staking amount.

Find out more about staking here.

Innovation & Proposals

PIVX is a currency that the community runs and pays for itself through block rewards. Because of these features, PIVX opens itself up to new contributors who which to take PIVX to the next level.

PIVX allows for anyone to raise a proposal to obtain funding for their own project.>>LINK TO PROPOSALS AND GOVERNANCE