14 Interesting recent facts about PIVX

There has been a lot of talk and discussions about “what” PIVX is doing.  Sometimes perspective helps frame the conversation.  Many folks in crypto tend to focus on the current snapshot (ala PRICE) as a reflection of how “good” or “bad” a coin is doing.

Well, for those that might not be aware, here’s a bit of perspective and a taste of some of the current developments.  There are at least 3 more ancillary projects in the works that are known yet are still too early stage to announce at this moment as well.

– PIVX price is up 15% from 2 weeks ago at a current price of $1.27 (78k sat). (was $1.12 @ April 24th)
– PIVX has stayed within the top 6 trade volume coin of Bittrex every day for the past 2 months. (mostly within Top 3)
– PIVX masternode count went up from approx. 1950 to 2088 in the past 2 weeks. (MN count is stable)
– PIVX has been added to Livecoin & Changelly in the past 2 weeks. More exchanges in the talks.
– PIVX has had 2 major wallet releases within the past 3 weeks. (v2.2.0 then v2.2.1 which is very stable)
– PIVX devs have had a meeting with “the” Charles Hoskinson last week. He is interested in PIVX development.
– PIVX HD mobile wallet is in the works. More details avail. in few days. (coinomi as alternative)
– PIVX devs have now started the Zerocoin protocol project in full-throttle. (will be a game changer)
– PIVX was mentioned on nasdaq.com as one of 4 anonymous crypto https://t.co/gJMp46ypeU
– PIVX budget system is back up with superblock (block 648000) happening in 9 days. (first time in 2017)
– PIVX block halving (50%) is happening on the same block in 9 days. From 10 to 5 PIV per PoS block.
– PIVX has at least 7 devs currently working on Qt/blockchain & mobile wallet etc. Anyone is welcome to join the dev team
– PIVX will work towards a ‘Community Designed Governance’ system that changes the distribution of votes, to include the entire PIVX community
– PIVX is translating our website into over 20 languages (Spanish is already live) and engaging with regions around the globe to connect PIVX to the people in their native tongue

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