Like any creation, finding ways to utilize said creation becomes an art, a lifestyle, a passion, or even a business.  PIVX itself is useful in that as individuals, you can transact wealth securely and privately in a blazing fast manner. PIVX can also be used in a myriad of ways, some which are just waiting for the right person (or people) to manifest. Like all great modern inventions, technologies, and practices, they begin with a simple thought and a spoken word. We welcome you to share yours with us, and possibly work together to build that dream into reality.


Here are a few community curated thoughts for use cases:


  • Vending machine retrofit kit
  • Point Of Sale app/kit
  • Version of
  • iOS Wallet
  • Android Wallet
  • Desktop Wallet
  • Discord TipBot Integration service
  • Paper Wallets (BIP38) as A4 paper sized ‘certificates’

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