2017-2018 – A Year in Review

  • New Name and Brand

    The community determined new name and branding was necessary for sustained growth. Successful voting of names, colors, logos were accomplished, and Darknet officially evolved into “PIVX”.

  • Masternode Management Panel

    For increased utility and ease of use, a masternode management panel has been added to access MN information and functions.

  • UTXO Input Splitter

    A new tool used to split an input block into smaller input blocks. Typically used to split inputs into optimal sizes for staking.

  • Multi-Send Staking

    A simple but robust feature, now users can determine where to send staking rewards. You can now send a percentage of every stake to varying wallets/addresses. For example, with each stake you earn, you can seamlessly send a percentage to an exchange or charity.

  • World’s first coin with BIP38 Encryption/Decryption in-Wallet

    PIVX releases the world’s first in-wallet BIP38 Encryption/Decryption. BIP38 is the gold standard for encrypting a private key with a password. If an encrypted key is stolen, it can’t be deciphered without the password.

  • Official PIVX Wallet Released

    The first PIVX re-branded wallet is released for the community to use and enjoy.